Hosting HTML5 in Azure Docker

This article describes hosting of Origam HTML5 server on Docker/Azure stack.

The docker image can be found at: Docker Hub.

Creating new Web App with Docker.

On Azure portal click on “Create a resource” . Click on Web App.

Instance Details
Name → application name (serves as a part of url).
Publish → Docker Container.
Operation System → Linux

Options → Single Container
Image Source → Docker Hub
Access Type → Public
Image and Tag → origam/server:latest (or specific version origam/server:specific_version)

Click on create.

Docker instance automatically downloads model from git. Docker image is only HTML5 server without any settings. The settings are configured via Application settings in Azure (this substitutes appsettings.json, OrigamSettings.config).

Example for the application settings:

ExternalDomain_SetOnStart: 'url from App Service/Overview view'
gitBranch: 'fill if you need specific Branch'
gitPassword: 'password for git'
gitPullOnStart: 'true/false'
gitUrl: 'GitUrlToModel/model.git'
gitUsername: 'UserName'
OrigamSettings_DbHost: 'urlMysqlServer/urlPostgresServer'
OrigamSettings_DbPassword: 'password'
OrigamSettings_DbPort: 'port (1433)'
OrigamSettings_DbUsername: 'user'
OrigamSettings_ModelName: 'ModelName'
DatabaseName: 'DatabaseName'
OrigamSettings_SchemaExtensionGuid: 'Default package id'
OrigamSettings_SetOnStart: 'true/false'
DatabaseType: 'mssql/postgresql'