Add a possibility to configure a name of a tab when there is only one record in it

When opening a data record in a new tab (e.g. after ctrl+click), then there could be more tabs of one kind opened, all with the same name and one record in each. We need to distinguish between those tabs. E.g. to be able to configure a name of a tab:

“Business Partner {name}”

The following features are requested by WyBy (on various places)

The described way the resulting screen is filtered by Id and linked from dropdown via ‘Menu Binding’. However, it’s more general. The resulting screen can be viewed also from ‘UI action’ button. It shoould work also from that place.

From UI action it makes a sense not to go only for one record based on primary Id - e.g. on Location level to have a button to ‘Show all Business Partners’ - to show all the business partner registered on current record’s location. In this case it would be very helpful to see which location is filtered (the best in breadcrumb format)