Add possibility to display a welcome page

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Scheduler app is going to be first thing that user sees after logging into Origam. Right now Origam shows empty.

So, we need to add possibility to setup “landing page” or “welcome page” to Origam

We should do this now. The aim is to always navigate the user to some screen after login. The question is how should this be realised?

1. Mark such a screen in the menu model. But what if the user does not have access to this screen? What if we mark 2 screens and the user has an access to both?

2. Let user select the menu item. But that brings a problem that initially there will be nothing selected. This feature could help new users to see “something” after they log in. So this is not really an option.

3. Configure the screen at runtime. We had this idea of Dashboards in past. Where the users could drag & drop widgets to the dashboard by themselves. There could be a dashboard template for the new user but then it would be possible to customise. The dashboard would nevertheless be a menu item so the question “which dashboard?” is still there.

The easiest and safest would probably be to mark the “initial” screens in the model and to open them all in case that the user would somehow have access to multiple initial screens.

Any other ideas?

I’d define default screen per user role. If user is in multiple roles, there should be some weight to decide which to show. A custom initial screen per user can be added on top of this.

Screens with selection dialog don’t seem to be a good idea.

But what are the other features of such screen? Is it always shown? Is it possible to close? If I close it and then refresh browser is it going to be shown again? As far as I know Origam doesn’t know that user just logged in and it needs to see a default screen.

My current idea is to extend user role/application role assignment with yet another checkbox (we already have Read Only). Something like Initial Screen. When evaluating a list of screens we can then mark those in the menu, that are to be shown as initial. Then we can either show the first one or all of them.

To your questions:

  • I would let the user to close the screen. It will be available in the menu anyway so he can open it again.
  • After a log-in or browser refresh I would again check if they are open and re-open the screen and select it.
  • ORIGAM knows when the user logged in – it is when InitPortal API is called.

InitPortal API is called always when the application is loaded. It doesn’t matter whether it is after login or browser refresh.

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If the initial screen attribute is based on a role, how do you select a concrete screen if there are more of them with the same role (e.g. they differ only in selection dialog filter)?

And can I define more initial screens, one for every (Organization)OrigamRole?

Also the initial screen is not shown if the menu item is a report reference pointing to web report.

That would be a bug, please report this separarely.