Cookie expiration on Windows sign-in

What is the cookie expiration when using Windows integrated sign in? It seems to expire but it does not make much sense as the user should always be able to work as long as they are signed in to Windows.

We are using WIndows integrated login on IIS. The session expire after some time of inactivity (tens of minutes). The parameter CookieExpirationMinutes in appsettings.json is not reflected. It would be nice, f there is similar parameter for Windows integrated auth or to be logged without expiration until user logout…

@tvavrda what Origam version did you see this issue on?

We are on 2022.1 and I can confirm this behavior.

My version is 2021.1.0.2115.

This issue could be related to:

which was not fixed in 2021.1. so anybody still using 2021.1 will have to upgrade.

The issue was fixed in 2022.1 in build 2022.1.0.2483. @koki can you confirm, that you have build 2483 or later?

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Yes, we are on 2022.1.0.2637.