CSV Parsing in .net core

The currently used library FileHelpers is not supporting dynamic structure creation we have been using (as of May 2021).

The related code uses DelimitedClassBuilder

There are different possibilities:

  1. Replace FileHelpers altogether
    CON: Lots of work

  2. Help FileHelpers and implement the missing dynamic functionality there
    PRO: Would help everyone
    CON: there are lots of parts we do not need that we would have to implement (save/load class to/from code/xml/binary).

  3. Work around and dynamically create the classes we need for FileHelpers to use
    PRO: There is a very simple library that creates classes (and decorates them with attributes) at runtime. Maybe that would be sufficient.

I’m in favour of exloring the third option.

I have modified the TypeExtender package. Do we fork it and create our own NuGet package or do we reference it as a dll?

Well. Looks like the TypeExtender problem will solve itself. The author is more responsive then I expected.

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