Feature Request: Configurable Architect Output Window


Current Output window in Architect has a fixed number of information that are being shown.

  1. Static Information – like SQL for the currently selected filter set
  2. Production Log – like actions that are being processed by a currently executed sequential workflow or rules that are being evaluated by the currently edited screen.

But there are other useful information being logged by log4net and are only accessible via displaying a text/db log file.


  • All the Production Log events would be logged exclusively by log4net and not sent directly to the Output window.
  • In the log4net configuration it would be possible to set-up an ArchitectConsoleAppender that would send configured events to the Architect’s Output window.

This way it would be possible to see any information being logged in realtime. It would be also possible to configure the amount of information being logged.

It would also be possible to see server events directly in Architect. For that we would need something like ArchitectRemoteAppender.

What Needs to be Done

  1. Convert all Output events to log4net
  2. Create a ArchitectConsoleAppender to catch events from the Architect
  3. Create a ArchitectRemoteAppender to catch events from the Server and send them to a remote Architect instance
  4. Document all Loggers so users can configure the logging of choice.