Filter - not keeping information when switching operator

I have a screen. I want to filter guid field e.g. refBusinessPartnerId. When I put 5 partners in the field and I change the operator sign from = to begins with (or any other operator) it clears the chosen items I put in and I have to chose them again.

I used to work differently in flash version and further more it is really annoying and time consuming to repeatedly put it in.

Please could you change that? Why is the behaviour different from the flash version? Any reason for that?

Thank you for your answer.

There is a discussion about the topic here: Tag input is not reset after changing filter type

But in your case I cannot see a solution. Equal filter gets a list of values, while Contains/Begins/Ends with filter takes a string as an input. There is no way how to convert between those types so the input must be cleared.