Flash 2021 - what browsers, flash player and other components is needed?

Customers keep aking what version of browsers (opera, firefox, chrome, explorer/edge) and flasplayer they should keep and maintain while still need using flash version of ORIGAM in 2021.

Could you please specify versions for the browsers and flashplayer plugin? Could you please store right versions into download section so that it is preserved?

Thank you.

We are focusing all our efforts on finishing the HTML5 client version. As there will be no support for Flash whatsoever there is no point for us on doing that ourselves.

What we know is that Adobe will block flash player content on January 12, 2021. We are doing everything possible to finish all the critical functionality of ORIGAM to work under HTML5 and we work closely with all the customers who decided to test their applications throughout this year.

What we think is that some older versions of Flash Player might not contain the “time-bomb”. But we do not know which they are nor if it would really work.

Although we liked many features of Flash that allowed us to deliver a desktop-class experience to the web that were not available before, we are excited that we could now do the same with HTML5 using the state of the art technologies. We are not looking back on Flash now.

Thank you for your reaction.

Just for other who would not know here https://www.adobe.com/cz/products/flashplayer/end-of-life.html is the most official Adobe FAQ site :slight_smile: