How to dynamically change column name

Hi, lets assume that we have two screens. A and B. Both use the same ScreenSection that has column with Caption Column1. Is there a way to have different name in every Screen, e.g. Col1 and Col2, without copying ScreenSection and doing it manually?

I would like to keep just one ScreenSection.

Thank you for your answers.

  1. If you could decide based on the data context (e.g. depending on a Category field) you can use a Dynamic Field Label function which changes the label based on data. But that works only in the detail view, not in a grid view.

  2. You could use a different Data Structure for the second screen. If you have explicit fields in the Data Structure (AllFields = false) you can set a different Caption to the field. This will override the caption from the entity, resulting in different captions in the GUI.

  3. Otherwise you need to create a new Screen Section with a different label, as you propose.