How to validate overlapping time periods

I want to check if the start and end dates of a newly added record don’t overlap with another existing record.

Is it better to add a confirmation rule to a screen reference (menu item) or create a state workflow on RecordCreatedUpdated?

How should I write the test condition so that the dates overlapping is not allowed?

As instructed by @washi this is the optimal solution:
Both options are possible, but a confirmation rule is preferable because it saves resources and is faster than running a workflow.

The dates are not compared inside the rule, but a special lookup is created that uses the two inputs as parameters in a filter StartDate <= par_EndDate AND EndDate >= par_StartDate. This way only the overlapping records are selected. This lookup is then used in the rule as a variable. The results can be used either in an if clause (count is higher than 0) or a for-each clause when the exception should be returned with a parameter for each found record.

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