HTML5 - picture widget - datetime error

I have a simple modal screen that is called like UI action button.

When I download such a picture, everything is OK and it is saved to destination. With correct parameters.

But when I try to load an image back, file creation date and last modified date fields are filled with wrong date in format 01.01.0001. It happens no matter which document type I try to upload. (.pdf, .doc, .xls, .txt, .png, .jpg, .jpeg etc.)

When I try to save such a picture in a blob field I get an SQL error of datetime overflow.

I tried to modify the setting and when I delete DateCreateMember and DateLastModifiedMember fields, everything works just fine. But of course my DateCreateMember and DateLastModifiedMember fields are not changed, which is bad as long as it keeps the dates of last inserted picture and after deleting whose data are not deleted.

Is it a bug or do I do something wrong?