Loading data from database stored procedure to XSD (_any) data structure fails

I have a workflow with only one step - it calls a stored procedure. For the output context store with method “ignore” I have used the data structure _any from Root. When I execute the workflow either in the Architect or through the Scheduler, I get the following error even though I can find the data structure by Id when searching for it in the Architect. I also get an error when I try to open it in the editor.

Data structure not found in the model (78a0f3a0-116f-48a7-8bdd-adf7c868ce85)
Origam.OrigamException: Data structure not found in the model (78a0f3a0-116f-48a7-8bdd-adf7c868ce85) ---> System.ArgumentException: Data structure not found in the model (78a0f3a0-116f-48a7-8bdd-adf7c868ce85)
   at Origam.DA.Service.AbstractDataService.GetDataStructure(Guid id)
   at Origam.DA.Service.AbstractSqlDataService.ExecuteProcedure(String name, String entityOrder, DataStructureQuery query, String transactionId)
   at Origam.Workflow.DataServiceAgent.ExecuteProcedure(String name, Hashtable parameters, String entityOrder)
   at Origam.Workflow.DataServiceAgent.Run()
   at Origam.Workflow.Tasks.ServiceMethodCallEngineTask.OnExecute()
   at Origam.Workflow.ProfilingTools.<>c__DisplayClass4_0.<ExecuteAndLogDuration>g__FuncToExecute|0()
   at Origam.Workflow.ProfilingTools.ExecuteAndLogDuration(Func`1 funcToExecute, String logEntryType, String path, String id, Func`1 logOnlyIf)
   at Origam.Workflow.ProfilingTools.ExecuteAndLogDuration(Action action, String logEntryType, String path, String id, Func`1 logOnlyIf)
   at Origam.Workflow.Tasks.AbstractWorkflowEngineTask.MeasuredExecution()
   at Origam.Workflow.Tasks.AbstractWorkflowEngineTask.Execute()

ORIGAM Architect Command Error
Could not load editor
Could not load editor
 Stack trace
   at Origam.Workbench.Commands.EditSchemaItem.Run()
   at Origam.Workbench.Services.WorkbenchSchemaService.ebrSchemaBrowser_NodeDoubleClick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
   at Origam.Workbench.ExpressionBrowser.OnNodeDoubleClick(EventArgs e)

As far as I know, it is not possible to use _any when calling store procedure. You need to use another “declared” data structure.

Then these are two issues. One belongs to support, another is a bug :slight_smile: @zcapkova please create the bug as a separate topic.

We could also improve the error message as this one is a bit misleading. It could clearly say that the data structure is of a wrong type.

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