Localization doesn't seem to work


I have troubles with enabling localization. I built the localization files in Architect’s Tools. Renamed the file to Package-en-US, translated it, then configure web.config of application. Cookies are correctly set up, but client is not localized. Am I missing something?

I am working with master 4509.

xml files with localizations has to be placed at AsapSettings’s localization folder ()

What cookie you use for language? Please paste here an example.

I have LocalizationFolder set to C:\inetpub\app\l10n, where are all files.

Those are cookies:

that looks well. A name of file must have <packagename>.<ietf-tag>.xml patern
I think you have <packagename>-ietf-tag.xml
Am I right?

Yes I have <packagename>-ietf-tag.xml. I’ll try the other pattern and let you know afterwards.

It is working now.

I have follow up question. I wonder what is correct way to manage localization? If I rebuild localization files every time I change model, I have to select only new keys to translate right? Because current translation is not taken in account, so it generates new “plain” xml localization?

Are you still experiencing the problem?

Nope, it is working as expected.

It would be very user friendly, if architect generates localization files in correct <packagename>.<ietf-tag>.xml patern instead of bad one :slight_smile:

Now I found, that <packagename>-<ietf-tag>.xml works well
as well as <packagename>.<ietf-tag>.xml