Opening grid through menu binding does not load values

I have entity Lesson with field CourseId, which has lookup set with menu binding to menu Course. When I Ctrl+click CourseId column on lesson grid, the grid with courses opens with correct row selected, bud in fields only one filed (CourseName) is loaded, all other fields are empty (and so it is for all courses in that grid - only CourseName is loaded). Refresh doesn’t help. When I edit any field on the course, then suddenly values in all fieds for that course load (but ale other courses have still empy fields).

Correct behaviour - all values should be loaded after Ctrl+click and opening the grid.

Architect version: 2022.2.0.2539
Origam version: 2022.2.0.2529


Solved: When I set RecordEditMethod = GetById on screen reference, then it works - after Ctrl+click it opens record detail with all values filled (and no other records are in the grid).

This solution is OK for me, so we can close this task :).

That is a bit strange. I think we should have a look at this anyway, it might break some well working models.

Symptoms: seems to me that menu binding to a lazy loaded screen without RecordEditMethod does not work correctly.

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