Scheduler changes the meta model version of the model files

I have a Scheduler service in version 2021.1.1791.0 running against the flash model. After restarting the service the server changed the meta version of type: “Origam.Schema.GuiModel.EntityUIAction” from 6.1.0 to 6.2.0. for all xml model files.

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The server should not try to update the meta model. Only Architect should do it. The server should fail with an error message if it tries to load an incompatible model.

Server does check model version when create index.bin and this inconsistence causes no exception after start but later. This exception show error After server want open this inconsistence xml file with wrong meta version.

Server should cause exception when create index.bin if meta version is different from server version. The index.bin should have meta version of meta model files , and cause the exception when it is loaded on start server.

The server will not start if there are objects with an old meta model version in the project directory.

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