Screen - datetime parameter value not changing when new record is created

I have a screen. It very simple, only one entity/datastructure. I set up default set i a way, that when I create new record (usig plus sign symbol) in a screen, field Date gets automaticaly filled in by actual date and time. I use system paramtere parCurrentDateTime for that.

But when I save the new record and do ot refresh the form and want to create another new record, the value of parCurrentDateTime keeps its last value. It means when it was 2017-11-01 15:15:15 it will be the same until the screen gets refreshed.

Any solution for that?

The “dynamic” defaults are currently initialized on screen’s creation. That of course does not work perfectly for current date based parameters.

But every entity already has RecordCreated field that works the way you require so I suggest you use that one.

OK. Why not. But do you mean by using rules on entity to load defaults instead of default set constant?

I finally solved id through the Template. It is XSLT transformation so it happens all the time perfectly and solves some other unpleasant situation such as reloading form because of lookup fields in it etc. Now when I add new record all the parameters are set by Template and if works just fine.