Screen (section) condition of a workflow UI action can only be selected as a submenu of an unmapped context store

I have created a sequential workflow action for an entity and linked it to a workflow with more context stores. I have only mapped one of them. When I want to add a screen / screen section condition to the UI action, it can only be done via a submenu of the unused context store name.



I would even say that anything else than Parameter Mapping should NOT appear as a possibility for mapping a parameter.

The problem lies here:

NewTypeNames is not limited to any specific model element. This was not foreseen when we created the new Screen Condition and Screen Section Condition and nobody complained Client Script Invocation which is not used much.

We need to somehow mark those classes that can be named and those that shouldn’t.

Any class that overrides NewTypeNames has to be reviewed and the relevant child items must be marked if they do or don’t support name suggestions.