The multi-part identifier could not be bound error

Was there any change in the resolving of data structures, joins etc.? After updating to build 2021.1.0.2248 (might have happened earlier) I get the following error when I open a previously working screen.

A 420 error is thrown for the MasterRecord and RowStates services, but the screen is loaded and the column causing the error is filled.

"Error loading data from table 'DataTransPayment' into entity 'DataTransPayment'
Message: The multi-part identifier \"CustomerGroup.Name\" could not be bound. 
Exception was encountered while updating data. For more information see Details."

There was a change related to resolving of data structure SQL commands - SQL generation for lookup fields with filters on joined entities by washibana · Pull Request #264 · origam/origam-source · GitHub.

Solution is discussed in Limits on SQL generation of lookup fields.

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