Transformation result doesn't invoke Datastructure Rule processing on Context merge

WF transformation step creates new XML structure and save it to Context Store with defined RuleSet. But the Ruleset processing is not invoked during merge. It’s probably because the RuleSet dependency field ( that field was created during transformation step) is not detected as changed so the RuleSet is not triggered. Tested on master 2021.2.0.2202. The same WF is working on Flash (part of ERP).

Note: When evaluated after workflow step data are merged back to the context store, all rules are always evaluated since it would be hard to detect which fields have changed and in which order. On contrary, rules are triggered after each update when in UI.

So it looks that there is a bug in rule evaluation after WF step. When I try to evaluate the rule manually in Architect with XML date from trace as input, it works as expected.

It looks the issue occurs only when passing context between two workflows and RuleSet is set only on workflow context passing to. .

Confirmed: When data are passed from one workflow to another (using context mapping) then the target workflow does not evaluate rules at the beginning, leaving the input data intact. The workflow should evaluate data rules before running its steps.

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