WorkQueue freezes the application (totally unresponsive browser window)

We have a WQ, which is syncing PDF files with some other metadata from 3rd party application. But when we want to view the WQ stuck items by clicking the name of WQ, the frontend become totally unresponsive. There is no data flow from client to server - see the printscreen - the network watch doesn’t show new rows in communication. The only option is to close the whole browser window and run it again. The problem probably is, that m1 column from WorkQueueEntry table . The m1 field includes base64 encoded PDF file, so the field is probably to big to process it in UI even if the m1 is not shown on WQ screen.

This issue is being discussed here: Performance Improvement for TextFile Work Queue Screen.

I know about it. But loading single records by request is not solution for me. Even if I have only one record, the apps became unresponsive. I need to stripe the m1 file part from loading to screen. Or create WorkqueueEntry related child table for binary data.

The best solution would be to store the PDF as an attachment of the work queue message instead of directly to the message.