WorkQueue - not autoprocessing items

I upgraded from ORIGAM 2022.2 to version 2023.1.0.3053 to test if WorkQueues will work correctly.

As mentioned in this article by @david.pochobradsky Origam 2023.1 - WorkQueue Processing - Enable autoprocessing of work queues and by @washi in Release Notes 2023.1 I modified OrigamSettings.config file accordingly.

Nevertheless, after restarting ORIGAM server, items do correctly appear in WorkQueues, but are not AutoProceessed. Simply stay there and wait.

Can someone confirm if it is a bug or just my inability to configure ORIGAM correctly? Thank you.

So finally AutoProcessing is working.

Problem was that not all fields according to Release Notes 2023.1 was in WQ DataStructure. After adding them all auto processing goes smooth.

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