A text in richText field is not possible edit in detail view

if the field has RichText property enabled it is not possible edit text in detail view. It doesn’t work on 2023.1. and master branches. it works fine on 2022.04 branch.

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Introduced in version 2023.1.0.3068. We used to have version 2023.1.0.3046 where the rich text editing worked well, but when we upgraded to 2023.1.0.3068, the rich text is broken.

I just mention it if it helps to locate the bug.

This is still present in 2024.1 version. It is becoming blocking for migrating to this version in our project.

It seems this has been solved by a possible duplicate of this card: There is not possible to write anything into richtexteditor

I have just tested this in Demo project for current state of both master and 2024.1 branches and the Rich Text component looks working. Can you confirm, that the bug has been resolved? @JiriPrajz

it is already fixed.