Add Method

Adds a new work queue entry (message) to a specified queue. Returns nothing.


Parameter Type Description
Data Context Store Reference Mandatory. A context store containing a single input row parsable by the work queue. So it should have data to fulfil all work queue class ‘Input Mappings’ definitions. An example of such a context store’s xml: <row Id=“50ca2e59-39fb-44f0-aae3-47c6092d51a9” Name=“abc”/>
QueueName Context Store Reference, Data Constant Reference Mandatory. A code of a work queue where a new message will be placed to.
Attachments Context Store Reference Optional. A parameter used to pass attachments. A Passed attachment will be attached to a newly created work queue entry. The attachment contextstore should be based either on ‘Attachment’ data structure (04a07967-4b59-4c14-8320-e6d073f6f77f) or ‘Attachment_FieldsOnly’ data structure (f10b19a8-6c29-49c7-9d10-bf0b49e99f44). Only the “FileName” and “Data” fields from those structures will be used.