Add more identifiers to login page

I use a custom.js file to hide the “Cancel” button on the login page. Now I have found out that it also hides the “Submit” button for sending a reset password request. Is it possible to add more identifiers like “loginButton” to the buttons to enable better work with them?

login page

<div class="input-row">
  <a id="loginButton" class="btn normal-size primary submit-link" value="login" href=#>Login</a>
  <a class="btn normal-size primary submit-link" value="cancel" href=#>Cancel</a>

password reset page

<div class="input-row">
  <a class="btn normal-size primary submit-link" value="" href=#>Submit</a>
  <a class="btn normal-size primary" value="" href="/Account/Login">Back</a>


function modifyUI() {
	var cancelButton = form.querySelector("div.input-row a:not(#loginButton)");
	var buttonRowDiv = cancelButton.parentElement;

And also add the identifier for all the login buttons (Google, Azure).

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