Add template file for UserUnlockNotification

In appsettings.json there are two values for notification when a user is unlocked. The “UserUnlockNotificationBodyFileName” should have a name of file and this file should be added to the TemplateFiles folder. It should contain the possible variables that can be used in the notification, similar to the user registration or password reset templates.

Is there a variable that would insert the number of minutes for automatic unlocking that is set in appsettings.json as LockoutTimeMinutes?

The email is not sent.

The file testUserUnlockNotificationFile.txt mentioned in _appsettings.json is not added to the TemplateFiles folder.

  "UserConfig": {
    "FromAddress": "admin@localhost",
    "NewUserRoleId": "",
    "UserUnlockNotificationSubject": "User Account Unlocked",
    "UserUnlockNotificationBodyFileName": "testUserUnlockNotificationFile.txt",

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