Addressing of parent fields in a parametrized drop-down

Today if you want to pass a parameter from a parent entity to a parametrized drop-down you use the following convention:

Let’s say you have the following data structure:

   |--- Detail

Now if you want to pass a field from the Master entity into a drop-down defined on a Detail entity you do it this way:


which looks like if refParentFieldId is a member of the Detail entity. But it actually means ORIGAM goes to the parent entity of Detail, which is Master.

But this makes no sense from the user’s point of view.


Since ORIGAM does not support multiple parents of a child entity in a data structure, we do not have to address the parent in any way. It would be enough to specify


and that would be enough for the system to know that we actually want Master.refParentFieldId field.

No migration of model would be needed since these two methods differ in a usage of a slash. So if there would be a slash, it is a new form, without (only a dot) it is the old form.