Adobe Flash support EOL 2020

Adobe announced Flash player support EOL at the end of 2020 So the Origam front-end should switch to another technology based on HTML5.

Yes. It is very unfortunate because HTML5 is still not good enough to support what Adobe has built into Flash/Flex but we have been actively developing an HTML frontend since the beginning of this year.

Now our internal decision is to stop adding any features into the current frontend and to concentrate on pure HTML. And Windows desktop too.

Good afternoon everybody. Is there any more information about this? More and more clients keep asking me about flash, since web browser support is lower and lower by any update and I am a bit worried that next year it might be bigger problem than we think.
Please let us know Origam future in more details. I would be especially wondering when will be beta version to test on actual project so that all the partners have enought time to be prepared.

Thank you for answer.

It seem that this topic is not pleasant for Advantage Solutions, s.r.o. at all :slight_smile: I can uderstand that. But how can we depend on a product where we do not know it future?

If I talk to other partners it is more than obvious that theay talk or talked to Tomas V. and are seeking for answers as I do. I would like to kindly ask to summarize answer that we as a partners get from Tomas as individuals into an official article.

I will help us to plan future projects or to think of leaving origam platform after 10 years of using it. YES, it is a fact that our clients rather then living in uncertainty will invest their money into brand new products such as Dynamics, SAP or some other sector specialized products.

If there is no clear road map quickly I am affraid origam will leave the market within a year or two.

Would not that be a shame?