API - data page - how to omit @ in attribute names in JSON

When I setup API data page in a way that it omits ROOT element, I get a result where all attribute names have @ as a first character, e.g. @AttributeName1”.

Resulting JSON is in my eyes not clean. I would like to omit the @ character.

Any idea how to do it?

Does it mean if you just turn the option to omit Root element off you get attributes without @?

Nope. It means I setup OmitJsonRootElement to true and fill in Transformation so that everything is copied 1:1 and then the root element is omitted.

But all attributes have @ as a first character anyway.

My solution to that was to switch XMLMappingType for every field in api DataStructure to Element. Than all @ characters disappeared.

Can you please make a screenshot of your API model element so it is clear what combination are you using?

This setting causes ROOT element to be omitted from JSON result.

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