API page - state machine not working

I have an API designed where I use APIDataPage with PUT method to insert data from webform into Origam table. So far, so good and work very well.

But when I create state machine on that Origam table it doesn work. It is acctually state machine for newly created records.

What do I do wrong? Any help?

Thaknk you

No answer for 5 days already. So why should I put all the cases in here? Is there somone to help? Thank you.

I am sorry for late reply. Can you try that the state machine works with the very same data structure you use for the API page using another method? E.g. saving data through a screen or a sequential workflow.

Does the entity has AllFields set to True? This is always recommended for saving data with an active state machine.

Is the state machine event dependency set correctly? No dependency (all changes) or correct dependency?

Are you still experiencing the problem?

Cannot tell now, because I am just rebuilding the whole concept that is behind this. Will get back next week to let you know.

Can we close this issue?

Yes. This can be closed.