API workflow page - no return body content

I have an API workflow page to of PUT method to update data in database. When it is called and send correct datastructure in body, data are saved into database correctly, but nothing is returned back exept HTTP response 200 OK.

But return body content is zero length and empty.

I tried to mark one context in workflow as IsReturnValue=true, but it did not help at all.

Is there any way how to return some message or data when calling api with PUT method? Thank you for answer.

At the moment the only way is to define a RedirectWorkflowPageAction and point it to some other URL that will produce the response.

Well, If there is a real need to have a controlled or automated response of API, it seems to be usefull using http POST method and having Workflow Method in DataStructure defined with one context marked as IsReturnValue=true.

Then there is nice response body that can be controlled inside WF throught the context or via API transformation.

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