Architect provides incorrect information/advice during model integrity check

The first file on the list contains cca 20KB of model and dropping it would cause me some problems.
The rest of the list looks like stubs of model element, it would be most likely better to merge them with the rest of the element in the correct file. I think all files on the list are results of moving/renaming elements.

I think Architect should provide reasoning for flagging those files, because blindly following its advice doesn’t seem to be the right path.

As a side note, formatting of the report should be improved: whole path should be link, and the white space should be dropped.

The form of the links was discussed here - Show directory links in the Model Errors pop up window.

I see, but this is the result of the latest build.

The links are “ok”. We won’t invest in improving Windows Architect UI anymore.

The logic seems to be incorrect and should either say that the files are expected to be merged or not mentioned at all.

We should also improve renaming if that issue still persists.