Audit log screen - very slow page load

Is there any possibility to speed up the Audit log screen load? It takes really long time to load several records.

The reason it is slow is because of a too complex query that loads related changes.

I propose splitting the audit view into two sections - master with the current entity changes and a detail with related entities changes. And make it lazy loaded. This way it would not need to load all the changes in one complex query that is forced to do a table fullscan.

@koki Could you test it?

Actually I got following error on Master 2021.2.0.2369


Have you updated the “Audit” package?

Yes, the Audit package is updated from Master 2021.2.0.2369 model.

The error appeared, when I tried Audit on screen form with 50 000 rows. When I tried it on form with 20 000 rows, the Audit screen is shown but it takes loooong time. So there is no speed up with updated Audit package.