Audit only several columns from Entity

Is there a way to audit only several columns from entity with 50+ columns? I can enable auditing on whole entity, but there is no option to do it on column basis.

The option exists in current Master version.

Is it possible to add this feature to 2016.11? We are using stable version only.

I am sorry, this was a major change also to the model. It would be against the rules to add such a big change to a stable version.

My previous answer was not correct. I apologize for the confusion. Stable 2016.11 of course supports auditing only some entity fields. The change done afterwards was a possibility to set an auditing granularity on an entity level (full, only changes, none).

The flag on a database entity field is: ExcludeFromAuditing. It has been supported since 2015. When set to true it will exclude the column from being audited.