ORIGAM uses standard ASP.NET Identity subsystem for authenticating users. This way it is independent and highly customizable.Out of the box you can get the following providers:

  • Windows Single-Sign-On (depends on the browser login window or single sign on with Chrome or Internet Explorer)
  • Active Directory Login (web login screen that authenticates to the Active Directory users database)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Membership Provider (web login screen that authenticates to an internal user database)

You can also implement your own membership providers.

Connection To an Internal User List

When the authentication provider successfully authenticates the user it will provide her user name to the application on each request. The mapping of the user name to the internal user database is done through the built-in entity BusinessPartner. The field UserName should contain the user’s name.

When getting Id of the current user ORIGAM will lookup the BusinessPartner.Id by filtering on a field UserName for the currently logged-in user.

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