AutoIncrement field property in Entity - after safe it is set to NULL

I have a field of type Integer, NULLS not allowed and still after Save I get en error that this field does not allow NULL values.

This was described already here AutoIncrement bug - by David Pochobradsky, but this is not the case.

Should I do something else?

In such fields I have the default value set as _Number_0. Try adding a default value if you don’t already have one.

What for are you using an auto-increment field? Field Position looks like something user would see and for that using a database auto-increment does not seem to be the right solution. Auto-increment field will always get the next value from the database (always higher) and should be only used for integer based primary keys (which we do not recommend anyway, that’s why we use Guids).

No. Position is just an integer field that I would like to use for numbering rows automatically without space in number sequence.

The user interface will do it for you automatically when set as OrderMember. Up/Down arrows will change the current order and inserting a new row by + will increment the number.

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