AutoSaveOnListRecordChange not working at all

I was trying to change a value in a grid in lazily loaded screen and then change focus to another record while AutoSaveOnListRecordChange is defined for the screen (in the corresponding menu item)

I was expecting the data are saved without any prompt.

Instead I’ve got a prompt window with a record save confirmation dialog

@tvavrda AutoSaveOnListRecordChange has not been implmented in the html5 client.
I assume it should just remove the confirmation dialog in case the active row changes on a dirty lazy loaded screen.

Is that correct? What about deleting, refreshing…

It should only change the behavior when changing the master record. In that case the dialog should be suppressed and Save (save query + save) called directly. Like if the user would agree with saving. So moving to another record would go silently while saving the previous changes.

In theory, if the save action does not result with an error, the save results might be thrown away as we will be anyway moving to another record.

No other behavior should change. Closing or regreshing should always result in a dialog.

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