Blob control doesn't fill file system date information

I was trying to upload a file using Origam blob control widget

I was expecting DateCratedMember and DateLastModifiedMember to be filled with a correct date information derived from the filesystem


Instead, both fields were filled with the following value: 01.01.0001 00:00. It can’t be even saved.

How to replicate

  1. Checkout the following branch: GitHub - origam/origam at enhance-testmodel-to-replicate-several-problems-2022-4
  2. Open Origam Architect, open Widgets package and let the db scripts run
  3. Open the Demo app (package Widgets) in a browser
  4. Open a screen from Menu > Blob Control > Documents
  5. Add a new record (click ‘+’)
  6. Click ‘upload’ button and select any image from your local disk and upload it
  7. The error is replicated - ‘File created’ and ‘File last modified’ is filled with the zero date.

Date when the file was created seems to be missing in the browser API. So I only added DateLastModified. @washi is this important anyway? Who cares when the file was created?

The information on when the file is created is useful during incident analysis. The files without this information can be viewed as suspicious.

Since the date created is not available I suggest waiting for the OP to find out what is considered as the next best option.

Please try to find out the dates from the file metadata file. If that is not possible, the best would be leave the field not filled.

I would vote for setting the creation date to last update date as a fall back if the model requires creation date and the only thing the browser gives us is the last update date.

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