Blob controls are not working

I have a panel with a blob control field. I see the controls in the screen, but when I click on one, no data are returned. Was there any change in the handling of blobs in the last few months?


The message returned from the newly opened tab is either Data source did not return any data. or BLOB no longer available. even though the data are in the db. Also where does the id in the internalApi/Blob/{id} service come from? It does not match the attachment record Id.

The id is a one time token. It cannot be used even for refreshing the page. Downloads once and that’s it. This has always been the procedure and I am not aware about any changes.

The issue lied in the lookup data structure that was used for getting the blob data. The data structure was based on an entity that had iOrganization as an ancestor. Therefore it inherited the filter GetByCurrentUserOrganizationId. But this internal parameter was not given over to the blob service, so it displayed no data. The solution was to set IgnoreImplicitFilters=True for the entity in the lookup data structure.

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