Button Copy is visible only with ShowNewButton:True

Origam Architect (

ScreenSection > Properties Tab > Behaviour > “HideCopyButton: False” together with “ShowNewButton: False”

Initial conditions:

  • I wanted to create new panel in Screen section with only Copy button
  • In this case is not required to show button New

Steps to reproduce:

  • I set on new Panel (in ScreenSection) > Properties Tab > Behaviour > “HideCopyButton: False” together with “ShowNewButton: False”

Expected result:

  • I expected to see only Copy button after I run this formular on web browser

Current result:

  • Copy button is visible only when I set option in Properties Tab to “ShowNewButton: True”

This feature is not supported at the moment and I wouldn’t consider it as a bug, but as a feature request.

Can you describe the scenario where you only want to have a Copy button in more details? It is unusual. Thank you.

Request from end users

  • new functionality for copy selected Test Protocol List across all Repair Order Lists


  • we created new part in menu called “Test Protocol Lists” with all screens and dependencies (
  • also we used default copy function on Screen TractionEngineProtocolList
  • set up like ScreenSection > Properties Tab > Behaviour > “HideCopyButton: False” together with “ShowNewButton: True”

** Issue:** - when user click on “+” button = create new Test Protocol

  • new Screen contain mandatory fields required to fill from Repair Order List
  • visibility for these fields on this Screen are read only (normally prefilled from Repair Order List )
  • it’s no possible to fill these fields and SAVE form successfully


  • Are we able to “hide” this “+” new button?
  • Or please do you suggest another way to do (workflows)??

Where do the information come from when you are filling in the first record and the fields are still read-only, so you have no way of making a copy?