Cannot open attachment via Lookup from SD data structure because it does not contain BLOB column

I was trying to …

  1. I have SD dialog that displays blob control


  2. I run client and I want to open file inside selection dialog

I was expecting …

  1. When I click blob contol Preview button, the file would display

Instead I’ve got …

  1. Error message that the file cannot be downloaded

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Thanks for the contribution. The PR was accepted.

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Just to clarify the use case - is the field read only? Otherwise you would have to have a BlobMember set.

Yes, it is.

Selection dialog displays two fields:

  1. Blob Control to view the uploaded file by WorkQueue File Loader
  2. Dropdown to select Order into which the file should be attached.

User should be able to open file, view the content and then select an Order from dropdown. Then the user press next and the transformation saves the file into Order’s attachments.