Chat - After loading a Client, chat is not available


  1. On 2023.1 chat is external origam component: Separation of origam-chat - #11 by jsusen.
  2. We migrated to 2023.1 with chat reconfiguration. This works fine.

I was trying to …

  1. I restart Origam server to deploy new version into an environment
  2. I am already signed in user in Origam client
  3. I want to open Chat menu section, enter chat room and send message to all chatroom users to notify them about change inside application.

I was expecting …

  1. All my chatrooms will be displayed when I open Chat menu section and I can see my existing chat for user notification.

Instead I’ve got …

  1. I can’t see any Chatroom.



  1. I need to logged out and log in to origam client again
  2. Then I can see my chatrooms.

So it looks like there is some problem with initialization of external component (chat) after restarting server for already signed user (maybe authentication). The chat communication is active but the response is empty: