Client application selection dialog not filtering while manually entering date

I was trying to enter manualy date, e.g. 1.5. into date field. I was expecting that after moving to next field by pressing TAB date format will be checked and repaired automaticaly to the format 01.05.2019.

Istead it did not happen and there is a message about wrong formatting. When entering 0105 or 01.05. (last dot matters :slight_smile: then it works.
More when entring date manually filter always does not work and zero records is loaded. When using date picker, it works just fine.

Do I do something wrong? Accordintg to my and users experience it worked differently in older versions. We use application client 2018.2.75.

Is this happening in a desktop client or on the web?

Desktop client 2018.2.75

Then the problem is in the new date picker we have implemented. It supports date input in the form of 0105 or current formatting. Can you tell me what are your current Windows locale settings for date formatting? If it is 01.05. then it would make sense it does not recognize 1.5.

Well we have short of dd.MM.yyyy format in locales. I just wanted to point out date picker bahaviour changed. More important is that if date picker is not used for date input, then dynamic filters do not work at all. So we enter 0105, press TAB, it becoms 01.05.2019, but no records appear in loaded form.
When I choose 01.05.2019 through date picker, it works just fine. As I see it, the date is not passed into the filter correctly. Could you please check it and confirm it or not?

The problem that date value was not passed to the data storage when entered by keyboard has been fixed in master and stable 2018.2 branches.

I have tested it and it is still the same. While filliing the date manually it is not passed into the filter that is not working and zero records is loaded.
I can confirm that now 1.5. for input can be used and is correctly transfered to 01.05.2019 date.

All described is happening in desktop client, now version 2018.2.78. Web client is working just fine with the same model.

May I asked if there is any progress with repair of date input and passing it into filter parameter? Client ask about it. Thank you for your answer @tvavrda