Community Updates

Today I want to announce some updates to the functionality of the community portal. The reason is we want to have the portal to be a central hub of information flow about ORIGAM.

Support Portal

We are now using the community pages as a support portal. There are several support categories we cover by this:

  • questions and answers
  • bug reporting
  • paid (SLA) support requests


All the questions and answers categories now have a possibility to mark one of the answers as Solved. This helps you to identify if a particular topic actually answers the question right from the list. Solved topics are also marked in a topic list with a checkbox. Also when you navigate to a solved topic you can quickly navigate to the answer by clicking a green link so you skip reading the in-between discussion.


The Bugs category also has a possibility to mark the topic as Solved. Additionally each solved bug will be marked with a version tag so you know in which versions the bug was fixed.

Each release will have a tag similar to this: release-2016.3. Tag release-next is used by a version being currently developed (master build).

SLA Requests

For every partner with an SLA contract we created a category into which SLA requests can be added. When you need to request a support under SLA you need to first create a request here so it can be tracked. An SLA category has also an incoming e-mail address so you can post support requests easily just by sending a mail to the designated address.

New Ideas/Feature Requests

Also the Features category received an update. Every topic that you put into this category receives a voting mechanism. By voting you indicate the importance of the feature although it is not guaranteed we would implement it the way it is described and when or if we implement it at all. But anyway the voting will now indicate better the value of a proposed feature.

Hope you find these updates useful. You can discuss here if you have any questions or suggestions.