Could not find instance with id 36fd5fb8-5aba-4e87-85c2-e412516888ad

I restored Origam database from localhost to our dev server and started Origam there. But after I log in, error appears:

Could not find instance with id: 36fd5fb8-5aba-4e87-85c2-e412516888ad

Full error here:
Origam error - Could not find instance.txt (10.6 KB)

When I looked in model for that id, I found it here:
OrigamChatRoomBusinessPartner.origam.txt (7.6 KB)

How can this be solved?
Thank you, Martin

When you say “Origam database” I assume you mean SQl database and model is thyat right?
Please check that the architect version you created the model with is not behind the server version. If it is open the model in the current architect version to update it.

From the stack trace it looks like it is missing something from the chat model. Is Chat model present and up to date?

The chat package also has to be included into your main package.

Or maybe you did not want to work with chat and you just need to disable it?

Yes Tomáš thank you, I got tip also from David that it’s because of this reason - I didn’t have Chat linked, and in .env file there was EnableChat=true . Today I changed it to false and now it’s OK.

We can close this topic, thanks for your assistance.

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