CSS - change UI action button background colour

I have a UI action wokflow button placed on PanelHeader.

I want the first button to have a limy background colour like so

Is there a way to place CSS code in some CSS file taht is loaded with the page?

#7deb9e38-9e4e-40fc-b855-138fb7151796 {
background-color: lime;

Well accorcing to Syntax and basic data types IDs should not start with number, which is this case.

If I change the guid in model into one not starting with number it works.

This is not officially supported. You can fork origam and add the feature or you can hack it. There is a minified css file in the dist directory. You could edit it but the file will be overwritten every time you updrade… Not a great solution.
This is what I managed to do in the demo project:

Thank you for your reply.

So far I stick with this solution. I finally placed custom.css in customAsset folder and I do reference it in the minified css file as you mentioned.

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