Custom service and XSL funcition

I try developed custom xsl function, but in example project is inherit interface IXslFuctionProvider. I don´t know where find interface definition.

It’s in CZ.Advantages.Asap.Services.

Which version of Origam do you use? It’s quite recent functionality, but should be definitely in 2016.11.

Thanks. I used assembly from 2016.3. In 2016.11 is everything OK.

But I have one more question. Part in MyServiceAgent is for creating new service. Part in XslInterface is for creating new XSL function. If I don´t implement any new service method, I add code only to XslInterface. Is it right?

Yes, that’s perfectly OK. There doesn’t have to be any service method implemented.

However, I would recommend to isolate the inner functionality out from XslInterface and implement only XML serialization / deserialization in XslInterface class (so that the inner functionality can be later reused e.g. at a service method call)