Customization Features

ORIGAM architecture is based on anticipation of your future needs. It allows you to expand and add new core functions to ORIGAM: You win development independence.

Customize the final software solutions and use the key visual elements (logo and colours) in compliance with the end-client branding style.

User Interface Customizations

  • Custom GUI colour schemes
  • Custom GUI widgets
  • Custom provider logo
  • Customer logo
  • Custom IFRAME screens

User Customizable elements

  • Table column order and widths
  • Custom saved filters
  • Multiple saved table views
  • User Defined Data Validations

Developer Customizations

  • Calling Stored Procedures
  • Custom Attachment Storage
  • Custom Database Functions
  • Custom Database Views
  • Custom Loggers
  • Custom User Authentication
  • Custom User Authorization
  • Custom Workflow Service Agents (C#)
  • Custom XSLT Functions