Database function don't work (on nested level)

I’ve created db function ConvertFloat in db_data and granted IIS Apppool\user to execute it.
I’ve added it into Architect tree DbOnlySystemFuntions with Name = ConvertFloat and Function type = Database.
After saving and refreshing application and opening the form I get error: The expression contains undefined function call dbo.ConvertFloat().
Any idea?

Check if the function has really been created under dbo schema. It can be that it was created under your schema, not dbo.

Another possibility can be that the application has no access to this function. You need to assign EXECUTE right for the function to the application user.

Yes, it is dbo.ConvertFloat. IIS APPPOOL\proper_user has execute granted.

Result: I don’t call the function on the top level of Function call “field”, but it is nested in a condition.
ForceDatabaseCalculation = True MUST BE SET ON THE TOP LEVEL even if you call the function on lower level of function call.