Debugging Desktop Client

Debugging Desktop Client

When ASAP desktop client unexpectedly crashes.

Step-by-step guide

  1. On target computer install ASAP desktop client with debug enabled version (includes pdb filed with debug symbols).

  2. On target computer install DebugDiag utility (version 1.2 from, choose version acoording machine architecture). Please, don’t try to install the newest version 2.0, because it is not stable and causes hangs.

  3. Start debug diag application

  4. Start ASAP Desktop client (AsapArchitect.exe)

  5. In DebugDiag application in tab rules click on AddRule and select Crash

  6. Click on Next and select “A specific process”

  7. Click on Next and select AsapArchitect.exe as a Target process

  8. Click on next and then in Advanced Configuration click on Breakpoints and add 3 non managed breakpuints

  9. For Each breakpoint select MiniUserDump and keep Action limit set to 1

  10. After Saving&Closing of advanced settings name the newly created rule (keep default settings)

  11. Activate the rule. The rule is active even if you close DebugDiag program.

  12. Close DebugDiag and ASAP Desktop Client.

  13. Now the system is ready for debugging and we can wait for unexpected crash.

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