Default set - cannot add default value into ChildEntity

I was trying to set up default set for BusinessPartner/BusinessPartnerRole.

I was expecting that when I add new record, defult values will be automaticaly put into parent and also child entity.

Instead I’ve got the result that into BusinessParent default values are put OK, but into childentity BusinessPartnerRole in no way can be added.

Any suggestions?

No answer for 19 day already. So why should I put all the cases in here? Is there somone to help? Thank you.

What default value are you trying to use? Is it Default set or Default value defined on entity level?

How do you use it exactly? In form / API / sequential workflow?

Did you create a new record for child entity?

As David writes, it is a default set on a data structure. However what is not clear is how the new record is being created? Screen, workflow, API?

Also on what field did you set the default? Is the field mandatory (AllowNulls = false)? Because if the field is NOT mandatory defaults only work on screens, not e.g. when setting a value through XSLT in a sequential workflow.

Yes, it is default set on a screen. Field is set AllowNulls = false, that is why I need to fill in a default.

Can you put a screenshot from Architect where we can see how the default set is made? Thanks.

Let’s see.

This is very important to me as well. Any answer, please. I answer immediatelly last time, but since then, no answer or solution. Thank you.

Solution: this way it works only when you add new record in a partner role tab. So to add a role automatically there must be used either State machine functionality or Template functionality. This time more suitable for me was template, so when new record of a master entity is created there is a template used that does the rest. In my case adds new role accordint to the form from which new record is created.